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TUTTIMUNDI is a Swiss not-for-profit organization that provides a platform for volunteer professionals and organizations with a limited budget to independently connect. Registration and use of the platform are completely free to encourage more collaboration for the creation of communication tools.

TUTTIMUNDI was created by communication professionals who wish to use their expertise to make a real contribution to humanitarian, social or environmental organizations around the world. On one side, the volunteer’s skills enable organizations carrying out essential activities on the ground to make themselves known and to continue their mission, while on the other side, it enables professionals to engage their expertise in a project that has meaning and that is making a positive change. By facilitating this collaboration, TUTTIMUNDI also wishes to educate the organizations about the specificity of each type of work and the added value of quality communications.

TUTTIMUNDI presents itself as an alternative for non-profit organizations with an annual budget of less than 500’000 chf/$/€. TUTTIMUNDI encourages organizations to become self-reliant and develop a budget for communication.

TUTTIMUNDI provides instructions on the site about how to prepare for the collaborative work in order to facilitate positive engagement between the organizations and professionals, as well as the smooth running of the projects.

  • General terms of use


    Any person using or viewing information, software or documents on the website of TUTTIMUNDI expressly accepts all of the following conditions.

    Competition and coherence

    In order to avoid competition between volunteer professionals, and be coherent in the development of communication tools, organizations are to commit to working with a single professional for the creation of their communication tools. It is therefore requested to untick that tools are wanted as soon as a collaboration commences. Once the collaboration has been completed, requests for assistance may recommence.

    Offer and guarantee exclusion

    These web pages are designed to inform and encourage collaborations and do not represent an offer in the legal sense of the term. The information provided is in principle current and complete. TUTTIMUNDI, however, cannot guarantee that any content, software or documents provided by users on its site are updated, complete and error-free.


    TUTTIMUNDI is not liable for the reliability or the accuracy of the information, statements, opinions, advice or data contained in the interactive portions of the site. Users undertake not to commit any action that is illegal, illicit or contrary to morals, in particular to not publish, display, distribute, or disseminate dishonourable, obscene, indecent or otherwise unlawful material or information. TUTTIMUNDI reserves the absolute right to remove any material deemed inappropriate on its site without informing the user prior to this occuring.

    Data protection and security

    Users of the website agree to submit personal information at their own risk. TUTTIMUNDI strives to maintain confidentiality and protect information by appropriate measures during registration or transmission. However, the information may be misplaced or fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. TUTTIMUNDI accepts no liability in the case of private content being obtained by third parties. TUTTIMUNDI will not sell, rent, or transmit personal data to third parties, unless expressly requested to do so by the owner of the information.


    The contents of these internet pages is protected by copyright. Any modification of these pages is prohibited. Without prior written permission, they can only be downloaded and used for personal use and non-profit purposes.


    TUTTIMUNDI reserves the right to change these internet pages at any time, to supplement or remove the information they contain. Users of the site agree to regularly check this page.

TUTTIMUNDI welcomes not-for-profit organizations that are engaged in developing humanitarian, social or environmental activities with an annual budget of less than 200'000 chf / €/ $.
TUTTIMUNDI welcomes motivated communication professionals who are able to demonstrate their experience (copy, portfolio, website) to contribute their skills to a cause on a voluntary basis.




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