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IMPACT association for sociocultural development


Lausanne (Switzerland)
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  • Ayuda a países en crisis
  • Desarrollo comunitario sostenible
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  • Red Solidaria
IMPACT association for sociocultural development


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(IMPACT: association for sociocultural development) is a non-profit association governed by these statutes and subsidiarity by articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code . It is politically neutral and religiously independent. The headquarters of the association is located in the Canton Vaud-Lausanne ,its duration is indefinite.


The association pursues the following goals: • Build a network of people, governments and organizations working to promote sociocultural development through establishing professional effective cooperative and partnership relations, according to the international quality and excellence systems. • Enabling people who are facing a sever life conditions like war or post conflict for accomplishing a sustainable livelihoods including preserving their sociocultural heritage. • Consolidating positive cultural concepts, shedding new light on different cultural identities. • Develop better understanding of creative social and cultural affairs at international, national and municipality level. • Achieving cultural communication and intellectual dialogue between generations within society. • Organizing meetings and conferences in all social, cultural and recreational activities. • Adopting the results of the members ’work in the fields of cultural and social research and presenting them to the proficient authorities.

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